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As a scholar of this stuff

Mar 9th, 2020 10:46 am | By

Another consignment of geriatric shoe manufacturers:

Same old same old. Moore didn’t say anything “transphobic.” That’s all there is to this brand of “activism,” isn’t it – defining all dissent and argument as “phobic” and then pitching a “shut it down!!” fit on the basis of that wild definition. Everything except abject agreement and compliance is “transphobic” so…get aboard or get punished.

Along with how domineering and highhanded it is, it’s so intellectually vacant.

As a scholar of this stuff? What stuff? His field is American Studies. That’s not a science. On what basis are we supposed to think he knows more about the science than Hadley Freeman and Suzanne Moore?

And nobody has any beef with … Read the rest

The patriarchy that oppresses us all

Mar 8th, 2020 10:54 am | By

Yet another – sorry, I hope to change the subject after this one.

Yes but that’s a different sense of “defined.” A very different sense. Feminism has not been fighting for over a century for women to stop being women or stop being called women; it has been fighting for women to stop being limited and confined by their sex.

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Born without a sex

Feb 17th, 2020 11:15 am | By

Dawn Butler tells us children are born without a sex. Yes really: she said that.

It’s at 1:08 that she says it.… Read the rest

Things that affect real people

Jan 14th, 2020 11:20 am | By

Earlier today –

Fellow academic Alison Phipps responds:

I am particularly struck by “These issues are not abstract thought experiments but things that affect real people.” This is a working academic talking, remember – a working academic claiming there is a gulf between things that affect real people and discussion of such things among academics. If that’s what she thinks why is she even an academic?

Sex, gender, justice, equality, identity, material reality, truth, fantasy, lies, social contagion, intersectionality, rights, law, fairness, body, mind – all are “things that affect real people” and that’s why we discuss them and try hard to get them right. What an admission it is for an academic to say she thinks … Read the rest

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself

Jan 3rd, 2020 11:57 am | By

Andy Lewis on what the trans “movement” has done to skepticism:

So, Rebecca Watson of @skepchicks has produced a video calling JK Rowling a ‘bigoted fuckface’. She comes to this conclusion because the Harry Potter author defended Maya Forstater after Maya lost an employment tribunal over her beliefs that sex is binary and immutable. 

Don’t go thinking that’s hyperbole. I haven’t watched the video because I value my sanity, but I skimmed the transcript, and “bigoted fuckface” is right there at the beginning.

JK Rowling, who you may know as the author of the theory that wizards don’t need indoor plumbing because they can just shit on the floor and then magic it away, has finally, officially come

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A smoke screen for her underlying bigotry

Dec 31st, 2019 4:49 pm | By

Katelyn Burns explains the Maya Forstater ruling for readers of The New Republic:

But a closer look at the case reveals that it doesn’t have much to do with a belief that “there are only two sexes in human beings … male and female,” as Forstater claims (and growing bodies of science dispute). In practice, Forstater was seeking legal cover to disregard the already established rights of trans people in the U.K.

What rights? What rights of trans people was Maya “seeking legal cover to disregard”?

Hers was a familiar argument—one that for too long has dominated mainstream coverage of trans rights.

What rights are those though?

A passage from employment judge James Tayler’s ruling explained it perfectly: “The claimant

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A male’s wish is his, and our, command

Dec 21st, 2019 8:37 am | By

A thread by Alessandra Asteriti:

Short thread on Forstater case. I am not going to examine the law, I leave that to experts of equality law. I’ll focus on the language used by the judge, as revealing of male supremacy and incapacity to adopt the female point of view, or empathise with it.

In para 92, the judge states as follows

What is he saying here? He is saying that saying ‘transwomen are women’ is not harassment of women, but saying ‘transwomen are men’ is harassment of transwomen. He is saying what men want always takes precedence over what women want, or even need. He is saying men are offended if women point out that they are not women,

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Peak veronica

Dec 20th, 2019 3:27 pm | By

Veronica Ivy (formerly known as Rachel McKinnon) has another piece on How Evil Are The Feminists. It’s almost as if this trans thing is an excellent grift for Veronica Rachel.

Still full of lies though. Lies are not a great look on a philosopher.

Hate speech has no place in a free and democratic society. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences of that speech. And yet, constantly, people in a position of relative power or authority seem to be saying that they should have the right to say or write rude, vile, violent or discriminatory things about their fellow citizens. But even more, they think that they should be legally protected from any and all consequences of

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For non-example

Dec 20th, 2019 2:49 pm | By

DOCTOR McKinnon did a piece for Vice attacking Rowling yesterday, because of course he did. The byline is Veronica Ivy, and a sentence at the end says:

Veronica Ivy, PhD, is a philosophy professor and athlete who has previously gone by Rachel McKinnon.

Before that he went by Rhys McKinnon. Anyway – the usual lies are summoned.

“Gender critical” is a neologism that refers to a loose collection of people focused on opposing equal rights for trans people, and specifically trans women.

Big lie. We do not oppose equal rights for trans people.

They claim that, for example, trans women are really male/men and should be excluded from women-only spaces, and should not have the legal protections against discrimination on

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But the law does not protect our right to call men men

Dec 20th, 2019 12:13 pm | By

This bit of the ruling – the most crucial bit, probably – seems to have some ambiguity to it.

The total of what Forstater is saying there seems to be that she called Gregor Murray “he or him” on a particular occasion because she forgot that he was “non-binary” and wants to be called “they/them,” and that she doesn’t consider it “transphobic” to see men as men, and that she shouldn’t be punished for calling men “he or him” in general.

The judge says he concludes from that that she will refer to men … Read the rest

A perplexing inability to pipe down

Dec 20th, 2019 10:19 am | By

Another Witchfinder General points and hisses at Rowling.

It starts badly.

J.K. Rowling spent Thursday once again demonstrating a perplexing inability to pipe down and enjoy her millions. 

Why the hell should she “pipe down”? Why should anyone? I bet Rachelle Hampton (the witchfinder in this instance) doesn’t want to be told to pipe down, so where does she get off telling Rowling to do so? What’s perplexing about the fact that Rowling, like god knows how many other people, says things on Twitter?

Rowling tweeted her support for Maya Forstater, a tax expert whose firing from a think tank over transphobic comments and subsequent court battle has generated a great deal of controversy in the U.K. In so

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Stand with Maya

Dec 19th, 2019 9:16 am | By

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Dec 13th, 2019 10:54 am | By

Last month the Australian Press Council issued “guidelines for reporting on people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.”

The Australian Press Council today released an Advisory Guideline for editors and journalists – Reporting on persons with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics.

The Advisory Guideline is the culmination of 12 months’ research and community consultation by the Press Council with editors, journalists, peak community and health organisations, mental health specialists, people with lived experience, police and academics. The process included roundtables in Sydney and Melbourne, as well a number of individual consultations with stakeholders.

Golly, they consulted people with lived experience. So that would be…everybody? They consulted with everybody? Impressively thorough.

Freedom of speech

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For other folks for whom gender

Nov 27th, 2019 12:06 pm | By

Meghan Murphy on the NDP Women’s Committee’s suicide and the usurpers’ efforts to shut up the women who object:

The BC NDP Women’s Rights Committee deleted their initial post celebrating their decision to make the group inclusive of men, claiming the push back from women was “hateful” and that the comments were coming from “right wing trolls,” when in fact they were from feminist, left wing women who were not hateful at all, but simply angry. The lack of accountability and integrity is astounding. At what point will the BC NDP take women seriously?! The party is losing votes and losing women. One would think they would care…

Facebook, by the way, appears to be hiding Meghan’s post. I couldn’t … Read the rest

It caused a strong reaction

Nov 21st, 2019 10:06 am | By

WeAreFairCop on the hearing day 2 – the whole thing is fascinating (and heroic work; well done to WAFC); I’ll just dive in at point x to give a sample. It’s shorthandy because done at speed. Counsel for P=for the Police.

Counsel for P – it caused a strong reaction – Judge – to ONE person. We have looked at the evidence. Reference to other people being upset. People don’t have the right to go through life not being upset. 

Counsel for P – I accept that but police have duty to engage with community and duties under EA Judge – I am afraid you will have to give me a specific reference to where it says police role

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Peak stupid

Nov 12th, 2019 9:38 am | By

The University and College Union – UCU – in the UK has issued a position on trans inclusion [pdf].

It doesn’t start well.

UCU has a long history (from predecessor unions) of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.

Oh really? I don’t believe that. UCU members can just “self-identify” as black or disabled even if they’re obviously…not? They can “self-identify” as lesbian or gay even if their sex lives and love lives are in fact entirely straight?

I don’t believe a word of that. And it’s the first sentence, so there you go.

UCU women’s conference passed an advisory motion in 2017.

Women’s conference reaffirms:

That our women’s structures within the union belong

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Nov 3rd, 2019 9:10 am | By

Adding another from Jolyon Maugham, a more trivial one but it itches my mind.

Your argument contends that trans men and women are somehow pretending to be men and women. And don’t also deserve protection. I don’t accept those contentions.

It’s that “somehow” that’s so annoying. Come on. The “somehow” is that trans people claim to be the opposite sex. That’s what “trans” means in this context. (There are other contexts. Transcontinental, transnational, translate, transfer.) Trans people explain themselves as “identifying as” the other sex. It has become socially mandatory to treat those claims and explanations as true and self-evident and rude-to-dispute, but that doesn’t translate to “we no longer even understand what is meant by ‘trans’ or … Read the rest

Oh alas, he is simply too nuanced for this hard world

Aug 24th, 2019 11:42 am | By

Jolyon Maugham has returned to the fray.

A friend asks why I speak on the rare conflicts between trans and natal women’s rights: twitter is not a space for nuance, she says, and you persuade no-one.

But when we abandon a space to absolutists we allow stances to harden, and progress and resolution become tougher still.

Oh, he’s the one doing nuance, is he.

This was the nuance:

How the simple joy of sport can transcend fear and hate. Wonderful reporting.

That was the “nuanced” tweet linking to the BBC’s ridiculous and insulting article on the huge man who is playing rugby on a women’s team, the article that laughed at the danger that he would injure some … Read the rest

The right to redefine

Aug 15th, 2019 9:22 am | By

So, having said that, let’s consider the words as opposed to the emojis.

@Astropartigirl: Trans women are women. Period. As a cis woman, I promise I will not leave you out, ever. Keep being fabulous

@charlie_sci: I’ve followed you for a while – I love how many fellow scientists are on social media, and I admire your work. Politely, can I ask what is a woman?

@Astropartigirl: A woman is a gender identity. If someone identifies as a woman, she is a woman.

That’s the dogma, and she parrots it obediently, but it’s bizarre. If that’s what a woman is then only trans women are women. So what should we formerly known as “women” people call ourselves?

We formerly known … Read the rest

What does “female only” mean?

Aug 11th, 2019 10:29 am | By

Fair Play for Women on Twitter points out that it’s not just Australian cricket.

We’ve all been stunned at the audacity of Australian Cricket opening up the women’s game to males …. but the English Cricket Board @ECB_cricket has been doing exactly the same.

Bam, just like that.

7.1 female only – a cricket competition, league or match governed by the ECB which are available for a woman or a trans woman to compete in;

So not “female only” AT ALL but female plus whatever male feels like claiming to be a trans woman for the purposes of playing cricket against women.

11.3 a trans woman may compete in any open competition, league or match or any female only 

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