The right to redefine

So, having said that, let’s consider the words as opposed to the emojis.

@Astropartigirl: Trans women are women. Period. As a cis woman, I promise I will not leave you out, ever. Keep being fabulous

@charlie_sci: I’ve followed you for a while – I love how many fellow scientists are on social media, and I admire your work. Politely, can I ask what is a woman?

@Astropartigirl: A woman is a gender identity. If someone identifies as a woman, she is a woman.

That’s the dogma, and she parrots it obediently, but it’s bizarre. If that’s what a woman is then only trans women are women. So what should we formerly known as “women” people call ourselves?

We formerly known as “women” people don’t “identify as” women, we just are women. If it becomes social reality that “a woman is a gender identity” then that will exclude people born into it, because “identifying as” doesn’t describe what it is to be born female.

But an enlightening discussion was had:

@vrarda1: That isn’t the dictionary definition of a woman. Nor is it what most people worldwide believe. I understand your sympathy for TW, but what gives you the right to just redefine what a woman is?

@Astropartigirl: Bye

Ah. That’s me convinced then.

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