Appropriative of the identities of transfemme people

It’s all so technical, and I don’t have a gender identity degree. It’s over my head I’m afraid.

Damn I’m lost already. People are allowed to be agender/genderless and still call themselves women because they see it as a sociopolitical label…so…does it matter what kind of body they have?

Oh maybe it does, because they’re not allowed to be trans women if they are women with women-type bodies, because that’s…appropriative of the identities of transfemme people? But it’s not appropriative of the identities of women for men to be trans women. Why? Why is it ok for trans people to appropriate the identities of everyone but not ok for people in general? What rule is that?

Also, what are “transfemme people”? What does that mean? “Femme” used to describe lesbians and gay men who played the girly role, but what is “transfemme”? It can’t be the same as trans woman because that means trans woman, so…what, it means a straight person of either sex who…no, I can’t figure it out. It can’t be “puts on a skirt” or similar because that would just be “femme.” And why is “lesbian dad” both trans and lesbian but not a trans lesbian?

You see what I mean; the technicality is mind-boggling.

If they legit see themselves as both agender and a woman? Legit???? Isn’t that the worst crime of all, doubting the legit of somebody’s stated identity? How dare lesbian dad qualify people who see themselves as a logical contradiction, both agender and a woman? How can lesbian dad question their lived experience that way? Is it because lesbian dad has all the technical knowledge at herhisherhisherhis fingertips?

Aw, was that really a pesky woman trolling lesbian dad with all his technical knowledge? Just sad.

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