Young Greens support all identities

Hmm. Young Greens (youth and student branch of the UK party) tweet:

“Trans men are men, trans women are women, and non-binary identities are valid” – @rosierawle setting the record straight, Young Greens support all identities ⚧️
#gpconf @LGBTIQAGreens

What does it mean to “support all identities”? What can it mean?

What if someone’s identity is “Nazi trans woman”? Or just plain Nazi? Or dog, or toaster, or flying nun, or Marge Simpson, or Jupiter?

This is the hole we’ve fallen into by making such a fetish of “identity.” The claims about sacred identity keep ratcheting upward and upward, such that now we’re required to agree that identifying as=being. It’s a charter for frauds and tricksters and lying cheating goons like Trump.

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