Where people think that otherkin are appropriating transgenderism

What happens when one non-material “identity” competes with another non-material “identity”? Do they stare at each other in blank confusion? Do they start competing to see who can make the most accusations of ___phobia?

Vice asked some otherkin in 2016:

But something that is common within the otherkin community are struggles with mental health. “A lot of otherkin who don’t struggle with mental illness are older and usually have well established identities by this point. They’re aware of who they are and don’t necessarily have to talk about it online anymore.”

Ooh. What would that be like? Having an identity and not talking about it online anymore? That just sounds weird, man.

This is true for 17-year-old Miranda, who is a member of Riviera’s Facebook group and identifies as a dog. “I’m constantly thinking about [my identity]. Most animals share common features, making it harder for me to see who I really am,” she says. “As I learn and experience more, I am hoping I will find clarity to my true self.”

The debate between transgenderism and otherkin is one area Miranda would like to see evolve. “It seems that many people of the transgender community think that otherkin is a mock version of transgenderism and are very hateful of it,” she says. “This is not the case for us of course, as many of us are in the LGBT+ community.”

Oh no – they’re otherkinphobic?

Riviera, who is both otherkin and transgender, says the “raging debate where people think that otherkin are appropriating transgenderism is something that I find a little bit frustrating being trans myself.

“When much of the world is actively hostile, if not outright murderous toward you, it stops mattering if someone is suicide baiting you for being trans or for being otherkin—the result is the same.”

But who is appropriating whom? That’s the key question. Let’s ask this male lesbian over here what he thinks.

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