For other folks for whom gender

Meghan Murphy on the NDP Women’s Committee’s suicide and the usurpers’ efforts to shut up the women who object:

The BC NDP Women’s Rights Committee deleted their initial post celebrating their decision to make the group inclusive of men, claiming the push back from women was “hateful” and that the comments were coming from “right wing trolls,” when in fact they were from feminist, left wing women who were not hateful at all, but simply angry. The lack of accountability and integrity is astounding. At what point will the BC NDP take women seriously?! The party is losing votes and losing women. One would think they would care…

Facebook, by the way, appears to be hiding Meghan’s post. I couldn’t find it by going to her wall, I had to Google it. Shut up, women!

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What a strange and brainless thing to be proud of – changing a women’s committee into a committee for everyone. (Everyone? Yes. “Folks for whom gender has been cause of their discrimination and lack of safety” is woolly and sloppy and dopy enough to apply to literally everyone.) Women are still a subordinated subset of the population and thus still need to gather and organize as that subset. No one should be telling women to help other subordinated subsets at the expense of retaining their own groups and committees, especially since this expectation and demand that women put aside their own concerns to take care of others is one of the pillars of that very subordination.

The comments on Meghan’s post are all about commenting on the BC NDP Women’s Committee post and seeing the comments instantly removed. Shut up women!

But they’re telling themselves all the dissenting comments are from trolls south of the border.

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