As a scholar of this stuff

Another consignment of geriatric shoe manufacturers:

Same old same old. Moore didn’t say anything “transphobic.” That’s all there is to this brand of “activism,” isn’t it – defining all dissent and argument as “phobic” and then pitching a “shut it down!!” fit on the basis of that wild definition. Everything except abject agreement and compliance is “transphobic” so…get aboard or get punished.

Along with how domineering and highhanded it is, it’s so intellectually vacant.

As a scholar of this stuff? What stuff? His field is American Studies. That’s not a science. On what basis are we supposed to think he knows more about the science than Hadley Freeman and Suzanne Moore?

And nobody has any beef with trans people “just for LIVING” – that’s the usual lie that “activists” of this type resort to because they haven’t got anything better.

I tell you what, though: this crap doesn’t work. I know that from experience. Having people shout slogans at you over and over and over instead of actually making an argument doesn’t work. Instead of persuading you or cowing you it pisses you off. Not recommended.

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