About dignity

CNN reported on the Forstater ruling and Rowling’s shock-horror tweet.

LGBT rights charity Stonewall declined to comment on Rowling’s statement, but addressing Forstater’s case, a spokesperson told CNN: “This case was about the importance of dignity and respect in the workplace. Trans people are facing huge levels of abuse and discrimination with one in eight (12%) having been attacked while at work in the last year.”

What about dignity and respect for women in the workplace? Have we just forgotten all about that whole thing entirely? If so, could that perhaps explain why women aren’t entirely ecstatic about the “women are people who identify as women” cult?

More chilling though is what one of the lawyers says:

Commenting on the implications of the ruling, Louise Rea, senior associate at law firm Bates Wells, who advised Forstater’s former employers,said in a statement to CNN: “A number of commentators have viewed this case as being about the claimant’s freedom of speech.

“Employment Judge Tayler acknowledged that there is nothing to stop the claimant campaigning against the proposed revisions to the Gender Recognition Act or, expressing her opinion that there should be some spaces that are restricted to women assigned female at birth.

“However, she can do so without insisting on calling transwomen men. It is the fact that her belief necessarily involves violating the dignity of others which means it is not protected under the Equality Act 2010.”

But trans women are men. Why can’t we say so? Why is it called “insisting” when we say so? Why are we being told, by lawyers, that we can’t say a true thing about a category of men? How is it that it necessarily violates the dignity of men who “identify as” women to say that they are not in fact women? What about violation of the dignity of women at the hands of men who “identify as” women and force women to agree in the workplace on pain of losing their jobs? Why does the dignity of the men who are saying a thing that is not true matter so much more than the dignity of the women who are saying a thing that is true? Why their dignity at the expense of our dignity?

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