Buy all the salt

This is hilarious.

Seattle hears snow forecast, descends on grocery stores like the apocalypse is coming

The weatherman said that, worst-case scenario, 14 inches of snow might blanket Seattle over the weekend.

Hearing this, Seattle made like Supermarket Sweep and bought, literally, all the things.

Cue photo of empty shelves.

I can confirm. I went (on foot) up to the shopping street of my neighborhood a couple of hours ago (when the snow was well under way) because I needed milk and orange juice. Safeway: no milk, no orange juice, bare shelves all over the place! Trader Joe’s: one last carton of orange juice, which I grappled to my soul with hoops of steel; no milk, empty shelves! Bartell Drugs: milk at last! But gallons when I wanted a half gallon, but never mind, I got the gallon. Also: traffic at a complete standstill. A line of cars stretching as far as I could see, not moving.

People, come on. This is a city, not the prairie. We’re not going to be pinned helplessly inside for weeks. It will be ok.

(Granted it is a little tougher where I am, because the delivery trucks can’t get up the hill, as the guy at Trader Joe’s explained to me. There might be more milk on Sunday but don’t count on it. I’m glad I remembered Bartell carries milk.)

At the Trader Joe’s in the University District a few hours earlier, lines stretched to the back of the store. Produce was still doing fine around 5 p.m., we heard, but sweet yums were out. We see you, college students.

At the Fred Meyer in Greenwood, shoppers vying to get into the parking lot caused a small traffic jam around 7 p.m.

At the Safeway in the University District, salt was completely sold out. “And it’s not just the rock salt,” said Steve Bailey, who was stocking shelves. “What was weird is that every single table salt was bought in one day.”

That makes me laugh and laugh.

Soup! Soup!! Snow is on the way, we have to have plenty of soup!!!

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