Causing firestorms again

Local tv news station – not the Sinclair one – reports on the outburst of stupid over the WoLF event at the library.

The not at all tendentious or well-poisoning headline:

Event at Seattle Public Library causes firestorm, group accused of being ‘hate group’

Aka Trans activists lose their shit because feminists meet to discuss what we mean by “gender.” The event isn’t causing any firestorm, stupid angry unreasonable people are creating a firestorm out of nothing. Group is accused of being a hate group by stupid angry unreasonable people who are stupid and unreasonable. Group is not a hate group. People protesting group are much more like a hate group than group is.

An event is causing backlash at the Seattle Public Library.

See above. The event is not causing it. People are choosing to cause it because they dislike feminists who don’t endorse every word of trans ideology.

A group called the “Women’s Liberation Front” booked the Microsoft auditorium at the library for an event that critics say is anti-transgender. It has many people calling for the library to cancel the event.

What does “anti-transgender” mean though? If it means we hate trans people as such then it’s a lie. If it means we think many of the claims of the ideology are wrong…then why aren’t we allowed to think that and even to say it?

On the library’s Facebook page there are more than a thousand comments with many people asking, how can a group that’s spreading what they consider hate speech be allowed in a city building?

Artfully put; captures the solipsism nicely. “I consider this hate speech therefore you are required to shut it down.” Nah.

The Eventbrite page for the event questions transgender activism, saying, “are the claims made by these activists actually true, or even coherent? What does it mean to say that people can be ‘born in the wrong body’?”

Well? Are they? What does it mean? We get to ask.

Trans rights activist group, the Gender Justice League said in a statement on their website, “A hate group using the library as a venue to ‘critique’ the existence of a minority group creates a hostile environment and is unacceptable.”

Is that right? How does the Gender Justice League feel about, say, the Proud Boys?

Everybody critiques the existence of some minority group or other. Some minority groups are racist; some are terrorist; some are murderous. There’s nothing wrong or “unacceptable” about critiquing the existence of minority groups and in fact the protesters are doing exactly that while telling this other minority group that it is not allowed to.

The phrase is probably meant to imply that WoLF is saying trans groups shouldn’t exist and thus that trans people shouldn’t exist, which is dishonest and manipulative.

The ACLU reminds you – if you’re upset, you can exercise your right to free speech and protest.

The WOLF event is scheduled for February 1.

If you’re upset, you can exercise your right to free speech and protest, but it would be a good plan to get your facts straight before deciding to be upset. Thinking men are not women is not the same as thinking trans people should not exist. The distinction is quite important.

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