Darling let’s talk about it tomorrow

The Guardian says it’s all a bit abrupt because Bolton was on the schedule for a briefing to be held in an hour or so.

This tweet is likely shocking news to both Bolton and the White House, who just announced that the national security adviser would appear alongside Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin at a press briefing at 1:30 p.m. E.T.

The Post reported at the end of August that Bolton opposed Trump’s approach to Afghanistan.

Bolton, who has long advocated an expansive military presence around the world, has become a staunch internal foe of an emerging peace deal aimed at ending America’s longest war, the officials said.

His opposition to the diplomatic effort in Afghanistan has irritated President Trump, these officials said, and led aides to leave the National Security Council out of sensitive discussions about the agreement.

The sidelining of Bolton has raised questions about his influence in an administration that is seeking a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, as well as an ambitious nuclear deal with North Korea and potential engagement with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Bolton, U.S. officials said, stands in opposition to those efforts, but he does so increasingly from the periphery.

Meanwhile Bolton has just informed us that Trump lied in that tweet. Of course he did.

I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

So Trump. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow,” meaning, “Nah, I’d rather fire you abruptly in a tweet but I’m too chickenshit to say so to your face.”

They deserve each other, all of them.

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