Emergency, send adjectives

Also let’s get people in low-paid jobs fired or reprimanded or whatever we can successfully demand for Not Using The Correct™ Pronouns™ all power to the firing class yeah?


Did MelzDot ask “the security” (rather a dehumanizing way to refer to a person) what his pronouns were? Are Bespoke Pronouns only for the privileged few who speak at a TRANS Conference and not the riffraff who guard them?

There follows a long maudlin thread of people offering Mr Dot massive sympathy for this hideous unparalleled tragedy.

It’s all like that or worse.

This isn’t good. It’s not healthy. Even if you agree that people can change sex by assertion, it’s still not good or healthy. Frenzied maudlin over-reaction to something as trivial as a complete stranger not consenting to use “the pronouns” you order him to use is not reasonable or sane or healthy or any kind of way to go about living in the world. It just isn’t. Proportion is absolutely key to being an adult. We don’t argue that fact very much because it’s so obvious and we’re so used to fellow adults knowing that and acting accordingly. Adult public life doesn’t feature watching another adult have a screaming meltdown because the coffee is lukewarm. You know? Even if you want to have a screaming meltdown, because it’s been a bad day and your nerves are shredded and it feels like just the last thing in a long list and you want to freak out – you don’t, because you still know it would be all out of proportion and you would start to feel like an asshole about ten seconds in. Right?

But this shit – it’s all about the narcissistic rages over utterly minor wounds to the ego. It’s all about running to Twitter to stage a “you won’t believe what those devils did to me!!” tantrum in order to collect replies saying “what an utter disgrace” “that’s absolutely disgusting” “absolutely unacceptable transphobia” “absolutely disgraceful” “horrendous” (all actual labels in replies). That’s not political activism, and it’s sure as hell not political analysis or discourse; it’s nothing but childish attention-seeking and histrionics. It’s…

…absolutely disgraceful.

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