Feminism must stop being about women

Why do so many women keep buying into this line?

We can argue all day, but trans people are dying, and I don’t want to be part of a feminism that allows that to happen.

I haven’t watched the TED talk and don’t intend to, I’m just addressing that one sentence that Stonewall UK thinks is so convincing.

Why in hell does Milly Abraham single out feminism as somehow allowing trans people to die? And why does she announce that trans people are dying as if women were not dying? Why does she connect feminism to the death of trans people when lethal violence against women is so very common? Why does she make trans people the responsibility of women and feminism? Why any of this?

It’s like the Second Shelf bullshit yesterday, and the “Womxn’s March” bullshit also yesterday – why don’t people see it? Why don’t they see themselves telling women to be more “inclusive” while giving men a free pass? Why don’t they see that they are both re-upping the ancient tattered discredited idea that women are and must be the caring generous self-abnegating sex, and engaging in the ancient tattered discredited sport of bullying women because it’s so much easier than bullying men?

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