Funny kind of public engagement

Professor Alice Roberts again, professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham, linking to a bad article on Vox and pissing on feminists:

Beware biological essentialism: the latest frontier in civil rights, and the unholy alliance between gender-critical feminists and the far right:

It’s not “biological essentialism.” That would be claiming that liking to wear skirts=being a woman, and that’s not what we claim.

Francis Wheen asked:

Why are you trashing your academic reputation by promoting this slipshod, defamatory and unscientific drivel? Clearly you don’t know any GC feminists, or you’d realise how grotesque it is to smear them as agents of the “far right”. Shameful.

Hadley Freeman was tactful but firm:

I’m sure you meant well by tweeting that piece. But I cannot believe you actually read it before tweeting, given it’s already been multiply corrected and is full of absurd generalisations and anti science word salad. No professor would knowingly promote that.

Martina Navratilova clarified further

I, along with so many women, am not gender critical but rather biology critical. A big difference. Get a clue and call it what it is- women’s sports and fairness is about biology. Not gender. So – we are not gender critical- get it now?!?

And many more.

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