Which twin has the view?

Trans philosopher Rachel Anne Williams wrote this piece a year ago but the opening move snagged my attention.

Gender critical feminism aka “radical feminism” is the view that womanhood is best defined by reducing the category of “woman” to essential biological properties shared by cisgender aka non-trans women.

No. One, radical feminism is not a synonym for gender-critical feminism. Two, saying that woman=adult human female is not a “view,” it’s just a definition. That’s how we use the word; that’s what the word means. (Notice Williams isn’t simultaneously trying to redefine “man”? Funny, that.) That’s what the word (and its equivalent in many many other languages) means and has always meant going back as far as we can peer. A little 21st century sect wants to change that, but little sects don’t get to change the meaning of words for all of us unless we agree to it. We don’t agree to it. I think you’ll find that it’s not only gender critical feminists or even radical feminists who see it that way.

Why do they define womanhood like this? Because it effectively excludes trans women from the class of women because trans women are not biologically identical to cis women.

But it’s not “they.” Everyone defines it that way – everyone except the small sect. It’s not that we define the word in a bizarre way that requires explanation, it’s that Williams & co do. Why do Williams & co define the word in a bizarre way? Because they have decided their happiness depends on universal validation of their internal “gender identity” and that depends on universal re-definition of the category “woman.”

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