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It seems that Amherst issued a guide to woke language but had to withdraw it hastily because of the storm of derision. But it was preserved. It’s woke all right.

(Isn’t this where I came in? Writing a satirical version about 100 years ago.)

It’s in sections. There’s a section for -isms, starting with Ableism and Ageism. Then there’s…


The system of belief that cisgender individuals are the privileged class and are more natural, normal or acceptable than transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary and/or gender-nonconforming people. This belief manifests as the systematic denial of rights to trans and nonbinary people and their routine mistreatment.

Hmm yes very fair and impartial. Let’s tweak it a little:


There are two sexes, and as many personalities as there are people. Sex does not determine personality, and it should not be allowed to limit or restrict it. Men can be gentle, women can be tough.

Simpler, easier to understand, and vastly less belligerent.

It’s interesting that “sexism” is shorter and comparatively perfunctory.


system of oppression that privileges men and masculinity; subordinates women, girls and femmes (p. 12); and devalues practices associated with women, girls and femininity.

Why “men and masculinity” but “women, girls and femmes”? Why aren’t they parallel? Why not “men and masculinity” and “women and femininity”? Or “men, boys and butches” and “women, girls and femininity”? They don’t explain. Could it be because they unconsciously privilege men and masculinity themselves? Or even consciously, for all I know. It’s not as if the discrepancy is subtle.

In the gender section –


An abbreviation for “assigned-female-at-birth,” a term frequently used, often by the transmasculine community, as a self-descriptor.Assigned-at-birth” serves to imply that sex is without the agency of the individual.

Yes, well, it is without the agency of the individual, isn’t it. We don’t have the kind of magic “agency” that would let us overrule our own biology. We can’t will ourselves to be insects, or people of the 16th century, or 20 feet tall. What we are born is indeed without our agency, and a list of magical words can’t change that. Sorry, AFAB, you’re a weak reed.


method of reducing or flattening the appearance of one’chest.

Wow, that’s evasive. It’s a method of crushing female breasts.


An identity term for individuals whose gender identity matches their birth-assigned sex. Cisgender people receive benefits that trans and nonbinary people don’t have.

That’s right, we collect $10,000 a week just for being cis.

I’ll stop now. Lordy this crap is pathetic.

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