Guest post: Being an adult human female is not a club or a clique

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(Notice Williams isn’t simultaneously trying to redefine “man”? Funny, that.)

Kinda gives the game away, doesn’t it?

Why do they define womanhood like this? Because it effectively excludes trans women from the class of women because trans women are not biologically identical to cis women.

GC feminists are just mean girls who are trying to keep transwomen out of the clubhouse. Changing the rules, moving the goalposts out pure spite.

“Centering” transness turns the dictionary itself into a transphobic, TERF plot to deny the REAL Cool Girls their due rights. When you think the universe is supposed to revolve around you, any bits that don’t are by definition doing so just to piss you off.

Sorry, welcome to Earth. It revolves around the Sun, not you. That plot started 4.6 odd billion years ago. Sneaky Terfs to arrange the laws of physics and the origin of the solar system to deny your Centrality in All Things.

Look closely enough and no two humans are “biologically identical.” Nobody is biologically identical to me, but that doesn’t mean I’ve redefined things to keep 7 billion plus people out of the club of “me.” I didn’t redefine my DNA to become exclusionary. It’s just the way things are.

Being an adult human female is not a club, or a clique or a fashion, or a team, or a game. It’s not a role in a play. It’s not a state of mind. It’s a fact of the world, a part of material reality. Stamping your feet and holding your breath until you turn blue (or mutilating your body and pumping it full of hormones, or just putting on a dress) isn’t going to change that. To think you can is misguided and delusional. The rest of the world is under no obligation to aid and abet the pursuit of your impossible goal. That there are people who can’t or won’t accept that is a problem to the extent that they make it a problem for everyone else. Using an analogy I came across in a different context, you can make your world a more comfortable place to walk by covering it with leather, or you can wear shoes. When you throw people out of restaurants because they’re wearing t-shirts that might offend people who are wrong and misguided, you’re trying to cover the world in leather. Don’t do that. Grow up. Wear shoes.

Surely the best solution for people who actually suffer from disphoria or dismorphia is the one that does the least harm. I’m thinking that gender “reassignment” surgery should be a last resort, not a first response. Surgery and drugs sound like the equivalent of a fad diet pill for “instant” weight loss, compared to following a long-term, sensible diet with exercise.

The issues involved would be much simpler if they were not compounded with the desires of the autogynephilic crowd (which, I believe, are different from the needs of the disphoric and dismorphic). Then there are those predators who would use self-ID to increase access to their victims. So the actual needs of suffering people (“true trans”, if you will) get hijacked by the desires of the needy, narcissistic, and predatory, who seem to be supplying the volume and firepower in the public airing of trans issues. Combine this with ad-hoc redefinition of terms, the conflation (or outright replacement) of “sex” with “gender,” the bad faith use of intersex and DSD conditions to argue against the 99% of cases where sex is one or the other configuration of an easily observed (not “assigned”) binary state, and you’ve got a good start on the recipe for the mess we’re in.

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