Guest post: Offer ends soon!

Originally a comment by Omar on A very not nice way of saying something.

“Essentially it’s a large real estate deal,” he said.

Greenland will all be prime real estate in just a few short years..! Up for fantastic developments..! All Trump’s usual stuff: casinos, golf courses, spa resorts…… Reindeer rides for the kids; Christmas shopping like you’ve never seen, and then…..who knows?

As the rest of the world cooks in the global warming Trump says he does not believe is happening, he and Melania can move there and enjoy its balmy tropical weather: far away from the arid deserts that are fast taking over in so many other parts of the world and spoiling so many real estate markets, which will likely move southwards in the financial sense.

Greenland also has US bases for use by Trump as backup on the day that he announces that he has no more territorial ambitions anywhere in the world, save for the fast-thawing Antarctic Continent, to which he is moving massive ‘research operations’ inspired by the Japanese whaling ‘research’ precedent, which will involve every arm of the US military-industrial complex, and a once in a lifetime offer to the Russians that they will not be able to refuse: for all their real estate interests in Antarctica.

Under Trump, the United States of America is on course to become the United States of the Earth. Capital (or should that be Capitol?) Mar-Aaargh-Lago, Florida.

Stand by for developments. Address all real estate enquiries to the US Embassy in your own national capital, which I am sure will be only too happy to provide you with brochures setting out all the wonderful real estate options currently on offer.

But don’t delay! Offer is sure to end soon!

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