He’s writing in sadness rather than in anger

Another brave man brags on Twitter about sending another Letter to another Institution telling it not to “platform” a woman. In this case the man is one Olly Thorne who has a popular YouTube channel on philosophy.

I’ve just sent this letter to the Academic Director of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, concerning their decision to platform Kathleen St*ck at their Annual Debate. Those of us working in philosophy must stand up for our trans colleagues and students.

That is, those of us men working in philosophy must silence our female colleagues and students.

I’m writing in sadness rather than in anger to caution you that the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s decision to host Kathleen Stock at the Annual Debate may irrevocably damage the Institute’s reputation.

Yeah right. He’s writing in self-righteous spite and misogyny, is what he’s writing in.

Blah blah blah her lamentable history of comments about transgender people, in particular comments smuggled in under the guise of celebrating polite academic disagreement. Blah blah blah condemned blah blah widely condemned blah. Her inclusion at the Annual Debate will no doubt tarnish the reputation of the Royal Institute of Philosophy in like manner.

He says, energetically going to work to make that happen. “Hey, Dr Baggini, if you platform Stock your reputation will be mud, which I know because I’m going to be throwing mud at it myself. See? I’m doing it now!”

It is of course Doctor Stock’s right blah blah but blah blah might I suggest as an alternate speaker blah Talia Bettcher blah To use a literary analogy blah arsonists blah arsonists blah arsonists

If nothing else, at least let me appeal to mercenary practicality by telling you that this decision will result in significant negative PR for the Royal Institute of Philosophy from which it may find it very difficult to recover.

“How do I know? Because I’ll see to it! As I am right now by writing this pile of shit and posting it on Twitter!”

The gall of it is absolutely breathtaking. The letter is badly, stupidly, crudely written. I kind of doubt that Dr Baggini will read it and nod solemnly and tell Kathleen Stock he is going to swap Talia Bettcher for her.

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