ONLY because of TERFs

And then this pile of fetid dingo’s kidneys by “t philosopher”:

To the academic philosophy community:

I am a trans woman and a philosophy grad student, and I have decided to leave the discipline and seek a non-academic job because of transphobia in the academy.

t p has been at it a long time, t p has published research, t p has taught undergraduate classes, t p is the real deal.

I have not chosen to quit philosophy because I have fallen out of love with the work, or I want something else to do with my life. I am leaving academia ONLY because of TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) — so called “gender critical feminists” — and those who amplify their voices.

Blame the women. If you get a chance, burn them.

I am writing this letter because I want people to know that there are real, concrete, macro-level consequences to allowing hate speech to proliferate in philosophy under the guise of academic discussion. In sharing my pain and anger at being forced out of a career that I once loved, I hope to stir some of you to greater action.

Of course he does. He hopes to stir some of them to do even more shunning and bullying of women who don’t agree that men who say they are women are women. He hopes to stir them to banish those women from academic philosophy altogether. By the way, saying that men who say they are women are not women is not hate speech, it’s just stating obvious facts.

The past two years have taken a toll on my mental health because of the amount of hateful discourse regarding gender identity and “biological sex”, starting with the Hypatia/Tuvel affair, and most recently concerning the actions of Kathleen Stock and her co-conspirators, Brian Leiter, and to a lesser degree, Justin Weinberg.

Notice that “t philosopher” is anonymous, and that that doesn’t stop him naming other people in hopes of getting them shunned or expelled or both.

I think that transphobia is particularly pernicious and harmful to trans philosophers (as compared to trans folks in other non-academic careers) for a few reasons. Firstly, a significant amount of professional socialization occurs on social media among philosophers. There is an opportunity cost to professional philosophers who choose not to use social media. Philosophers who stay off Facebook and Twitter miss out on job openings, conference opportunities, and networking. However, social media is also where gender identity discourse about trans people happens. An article will appear on Medium or Daily Nous, professional philosophers will start sharing and talking about it, and then the article and related comments will appear in my feed, letting me know that once again my colleagues are debating my existence.

No they’re not. Saying a man is not a woman is not “debating his existence.” The man continues to exist despite not being a woman.

It goes on in the same vein. Stress, vulnerability, anger, pain, feeling unsafe. I wonder if he’s ever given a second’s thought to women who feel those things routinely because of the conditions of life for women.

I can easily imagine running into Kathleen Stock or some other transphobic philosopher at the APA or an invited talk. It is reasonable to consider the possibility of there being a transphobic talk at the APA or another professional event, in light of Stock’s recent invitation to the Aristotelian Society. How can I be expected to attend professional events where people deny and question such an integral part of my identity and act like that is tolerable or normal?

Won’t somebody please do something about Kathleen Stock so that this guy can have everything his own way?

How can I be expected to attend professional events and participate in a professional culture where others allow this to happen? As a trans person, I deal with oppression on a daily basis. It is not hyperbole to say that I am fighting for survival.

raises hand Yes it is! Hyperbole is exactly what it is! The whole piece is hyperbolic.

Finally, because of the very subject matter that constitutes philosophy, I am expected to tolerate constant public discourse about the nature of my gender identity, whether I “count” as a woman, and what rights I am due in virtue of my gender. I am expected to tolerate public discourse regarding the things that demonstrate other people’s respect for me as a human being. I am expected to tolerate questions about fundamental aspects of my being, questions about my legitimacy as a person.

My gender is not up for debate. I am a woman.

But if he’s telling the truth about being a trans woman (and who knows, since who knows who t philosopher is) then he’s not a woman. He doesn’t get to issue a unilateral order that his claimed “gender” is not up for debate. Even putting it in bold doesn’t make it true or binding on other people.

Then there’s a list of bolded instructions for all the ways everyone is to expel wrong-thinking women from academic philosophy.

I have strong doubts that t p is a philosophy graduate student at all.

H/t Lady Mondegreen

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