The sailors were turned away

Ahhhhh now that’s worse. The Trump people did more than just tell the Navy to hide the name McCain.

Although Navy officials insisted they did not hide the ship, the John S. McCain, they did give all of the sailors aboard the day off on Tuesday as Mr. Trump visited Yokosuka Naval Base.

Two Navy sailors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, said that the McCain sailors were not invited to hear Mr. Trump speak that day aboard the amphibious assault ship Wasp, while sailors from other American warships at the base were.

A Navy service member based on Yokosuka said that all of the American warships in the harbor were invited to send 60 to 70 sailors to hear Mr. Trump’s address, with the exception of the McCain. When several sailors from the McCain showed up anyway, wearing their uniforms with the ship’s insignia, they were turned away, the service member said.

That’s disgusting. It’s mean, and small, and taking a small petty bratty grudge out on underlings doing a hard job far from home. Big bloated greedy hateful Trump turning sailors away because they’re from a ship named after McCain ffs! He says it wasn’t his order but it was an order by people who know what a bloated greedy hateful turd of a human he is.

Joyce Vance said this earlier today and she’s not wrong. There is just so much.

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