Horrifying evidence of a disordered personality

Radio Free Tom sums it up.

I’ll just quote the rest.

  • These are the same Republicans – my former tribe – who pointed to every slip of the tongue by Hillary Clinton as evidence of fatal illness. Who took a dumb hot mic aside from Obama to Medvedev as treason. Who parsed every word from every Democrat for signs of betrayal. /2
  • Now, the President shows us horrifying evidence of, as @Peter_Wehner once put it, a “disordered personality,” and the GOP and their voter base applaud because it’s evidence to them that Trump is just a Regular Guy Who Talks Like Them. This is not only immoral, but stupid. /3
  • It’s stupid because, on a fundamental level, it’s false. No one “talks like Trump.” Trump-cultists in the heartland claim he’s just like them, when in fact if someone spoke to them – or their loved ones – as Trump speaks to others, they’d punch them right in the face. /4
  • And no one really “talks like Trump” about things like war, or about what a swell guy Kim Jong Un is. With the exception of some morons sitting around diners in red hats, no one really talks this way. No one says “I’m glad the dictator of North Korea is insulting Joe Biden.” /5
  • But because we fear resentment and status envy and intellectual insecurity, we all have to pretend that it’s not a massive failure of character that an entire political party is too cowardly and un-patriotic to stand up to this man even when he’s applauding Kim Jong Un. /6
  • If you can’t bring yourself to criticize Trump for what he just said – and for how he’s been conducting himself for two years – you are either an idiot or a morally deficient coward. And either way, you’re harming your country. /7
  • Happy Memorial Day and thank you for coming to my TED talk. /8x

He’s not wrong.

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