If a cisgender student feels uncomfortable

The headline:

Palatine School District Approves Full Bathroom Rights For Transgender Students

Had transgender students been denied “full bathroom rights” until now? What are “full bathroom rights” anyway? Do students who are not transgender still have them at Palatine School District?

The suburban high school district at the center of a national debate over transgender student rights voted Thursday night to gives its transgender students full access to school locker rooms and bathrooms.

So they can go into all of them? While students who are not transgender have to pick those for girls or those for boys?

The debate over transgender student access started four years ago when a student charged that the district’s practices discriminated against transgender students. The student filed a complaint with the federal government, which found in 2015 that the district was violating the student’s civil rights by denying her use of the girls’ locker rooms.

In other words a boy who Identified As a girl wanted to use the girls’ locker rooms, and the feds determined that he had a civil right to do that. The right of the girls not to have a boy in their locker room while they were changing clothes apparently didn’t matter.

The district said if a cisgender student feels uncomfortable changing around a transgender student, there are private areas to use or accommodations can be made on request.

That’s not the issue. The issue is girls who don’t want to change around a boy, seeing as how saying tut loudly and moving away doesn’t actually work. The onus shouldn’t be on girls to “request” an “accommodation” or a mysterious “private area.”

In a statement, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois said the district’s policy is welcome and long overdue.

It doesn’t matter what the girls think; they don’t count.

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