If they step out of line

Trump’s rage-tweets about Mitt Romney may be intended as an Awful Warning for any other Republicans thinking of failing to back Trump no matter what he does or says.

The acrimonious exchange is the latest turn in the up-and-down relationship between the two men, who share a party but are miles apart on questions of style, propriety, and adherence to institutional norms.

The vehemence of Trump’s tweets also served as a signal to other GOP lawmakers that Trump is willing to direct his ire at them if they step out of line and offer a hint of support to Democrats’ impeachment efforts against him.

It’s not as if they don’t already know that though. Everybody knows that. Everybody knows that Trump will turn on anyone, no matter how loyal for how long.

It’s also possible (though not likely, given their crawling thus far) that the bully signal might backfire. A few of them might get sick of being threatened by this horrible talentless bag of wind, and decide to do what he’s trying to stop them doing.

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