If this is the reason women were not protected

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TRA’s best friends in Brighton = MRA police! #WPUKLab19

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Never ever seen one police station flying the women’s liberation flag on IWD … yet they fly this baby pink/blue nonsense without reference to the fact it’s making political statement, which is not the police role. It discriminates against all other members of the public. Because they only fly selected flags.

Well we don’t want them flying white supremacy flags or UKIP flags, but still, yes – the zeal for “Trans Pride” from institutions that have never shown much enthusiasm for Black Pride or Female Pride is puzzling and, at this point, alarming.


This is very serious. If this is the reason why women were not protected yesterday then the police have allowed the public to be endangered on ideological grounds. They don’t get to pick and choose who to protect. We are tax payers too.

If the police have been trained to see feminist women as “TERFs” and “TERFs” as evil monsters, that’s a problem.

H/t Dave Ricks

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