Irredeemably inadequate

At least Epstein’s not getting bail, but that’s such a tiny consolation I can barely detect it.

NPR’s report:

Epstein’s lawyers had asked that their client be issued an ankle bracelet and allowed to remain at his Manhattan mansion, which prosecutors estimated is worth $77 million. They said the registered sex offender has had a clean record since he was convicted as part of a plea agreement a decade ago.

Prosecutors, however, said the recent federal charges show Epstein has not changed his ways.

“And any doubt that the defendant is unrepentant and unreformed was eliminated when law enforcement agents discovered hundreds or thousands of nude and seminude photographs of young females in his Manhattan mansion on the night of his arrest, more than a decade after he was first convicted of a sex crime involving a juvenile,” U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman wrote the judge.

That is a bit damning, yes.

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