It might be legal, but it is grossly irresponsible

CNN says much the same thing.

Eric Brewer, a former NSC official who focused on Iranian and North Korean nuclear issues in both the Trump and Obama administrations, suggested that he is among those who believe the imagery was a product of the intelligence community.

“In a normal world, we would assume the IC approved the public release of this image,” Brewer tweeted. “Yes, the President has the magic wand of declassification authority, but that is rarely (ever?) exercised without consultations with the IC to understand the risks and benefits of doing so. To do otherwise might be legal, but it is grossly irresponsible.”

What I say. Legal authority, maybe, but absolute right, hell no.

It’s a really terrible thing to say to us. It amounts to saying he doesn’t give a shit if it’s reckless or not, if it harms us or not – all he cares about is his personal power. He can’t get his head out of his own fucking vanity for one second, ever, no matter what.

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