Sir, please drop dead now, sir

Trump, adult and responsible as always, says HE CAN IF HE WANTS TO.

Maybe, but that’s not the issue, so let’s try to pay attention.

Kaitlan Collins of CNN:

Asked if the image of the accident at the Iranian space facility was classified, Trump only says, “I just wish Iran well. They had a big problem & we had a photo and I released it, which I have the absolute right to do.” From where? “You’ll have to figure that one out yourself.”

He keeps saying that, and it’s not true.

He may have the legal authority to do this particular thing, I don’t know, but “the absolute right” is a much bigger claim, and he doesn’t have that. He wants to think he does, but that’s because he has a tiny cheap empty mind, and he understands nothing that matters. Anyone with a proper understanding of life and human relations wouldn’t dream of making a hideous claim like that. It could be the case that he broke no explicit rule in doing it, but it could still be a reckless dangerous thing to do. He has no right, let alone an absolute one, to do reckless dangerous things just because he feels like showing off.

I hope he dies in the night.

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