No, as a matter of fact, it’s not

McKinnon is working on motivation. Athletes need motivation.

‘Is this what a world champion would do?’ is a question I use often to get through the hardest workouts. I’m putting together a killer garage gym for my lifting needs. I’m designing up a personal motivational poster. Thoughts?


I have a thought. My thought is that R. McKinnon is not a genuine world champion, but instead is a man who stole a world championship from a woman by competing against her. My further thought is that the exhibitionistic bragging about this feat is quite astonishingly repellent. Even if you buy the fairy tale that men can “become” women by saying the magic words and doing some hormone-fiddling, it still doesn’t follow that they are justified in then using their physical advantage to trounce women in athletic competitions.

Shorter: R. McKinnon is not a genuine world champion and looks like a sleazy fuck claiming he is.

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