Indefinitely postponed

Meanwhile though that talk McKinnon was scheduled to give has been cancelled (or, tactfully, “rescheduled”) because no one was interested. It has already been scrubbed from the How To Academy and Eventbrite pages.

A tweet:

P.S. I’ve seen an e-mail saying that ticket numbers for McKinnon’s talk were “embarrassingly low” and that How To: Academy has actually received more objections to McKinnon’s talk than tickets sold. On that basis, it has been CANCELLED.


Further elucidation:

To pre-empt McKinnon’s lies that TRANSPHOBES were SOLELY responsible for cancelling his talk, I attach an e-mail from.the director of How To: Academy which explains that ticket sales were so low it was EMBARRASSING TO RUN THE EVENT.


I wonder if the talk on Fairness in Sport failed to resonate with his audience because it’s hard to think of anyone less qualified to talk about fairness in sport than a man who calls himself a woman and competes in women’s races.

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