McKinnon on the Science of Fairness

Speaking of McKinnon – there’s an event in London in October:

Fri, 11 October 2019

6:45 pm – 8:00 pm

Transgender Athletes and the Science of Fairness
Dr Rachel McKinnon


The Tabernacle (Off Portobello)

34-35 Powis Square, Notting Hill, London,

W11 2AY

The science of fairness, eh? I’m not sure Rachel McKinnon is the person I would consult on the subject of fairness.

Should trans athletes participate in women’s sport? Philosophy professor, activist and world champion cyclist Rachel McKinnon sifts science and ethics from politics and prejudice.

Well now wait a second. McKinnon is a “world champion cyclist” only because he has a large muscular male body and he races against women. He does that and he boasts of being a world champion. That all by itself should be enough to disqualify him for lecturing on fairness.

It’s interesting that they didn’t opt to do it the other way – get a trans man to give a talk on participating in men’s sport. It’s interesting that they phrase the question as “should trans athletes participate in women’s sport?” when the issue isn’t trans athletes in general but male trans athletes. It’s interesting that they veil that fact even though it’s the issue. It’s interesting that they manipulate the issue before they even start.

An issue with profound consequences for society’s ideas of fairness, gender, and equality, the participation of trans women in women’s competitive sports has made regular front page news.

Dr. Rachel McKinnon is at the forefront. As the first openly trans woman to win a world championship in an Olympic sport, she faces constant harassment and abuse on social media, while as an activist and public intellectual, her campaigns, papers, articles and interviews have done much to shift attitudes in the world of international sport and beyond.

But why does McKinnon face all this “harassment and abuse”? Is it because trans? Or is it because male taking women’s places and women’s prizes?

In this talk, Dr. McKinnon will explore the ethics, law and science of fairness in sport, including whether biological restrictions such as testosterone limits violate principles of fairness and equality. Ahead of this autumn’s track racing world championship in Manchester, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an internationally renowned athlete and scholar on how she is breaking down barriers and helping to overturn prejudice with science.

That is, breaking down barriers to men in women’s sports and helping to overturn the “prejudice” that thinks women’s sports should be for women.

Plus there’s the fact that McKinnon is personally, individually horrible, so horrible that today he is gloating at a feminist woman’s fatal brain cancer.

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