Inclusivize all the men

Kirsty Clarke in the Independent saying be more inncloosivv.

Sport is one of society’s most powerful tools for bringing people together and it should be open to everyone, including trans people.

Ok sorry to interrupt after just one sentence but I have to. Sport is open to trans people; that doesn’t mean sport should be open to letting male-bodied trans people compete against women. Everybody participate, yay, but that doesn’t mean throw out all the rules.

However, in recent days, sport has become a divisive issue around trans people’s right to participate.

No it hasn’t. That’s a stupid brainless lie. The objection is to letting male-bodied trans people compete against women.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen female athletes speaking out against trans women competing in sport, contributing to an environment of misinformation.

No; against trans women competing against women in sport.

It’s got to be deliberate, this repeated obfuscation. If it’s deliberate, she must know she’s both bullshitting and arguing for something dubious. She should stop doing that.

The conversation is currently being dominated by an overwhelming amount of bullying, minimising people to their physical bodies and using outdated stereotypes and abusive language.

It’s sport. It’s all about physical bodies.

There are several more paragraphs of evasive glurge full of generalities about the joy of sport and inklooozhyun, but not one word about the unfairness of male bodies competing against female bodies. She must know she’s trying to argue for the indefensible.

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