Makin’ history, people – a new tv show on the way with a – hold on to your chairs – a non-binary character. Are you verklempt?

US television network The CW has ordered a new pilot for a series that will feature a non-binary lead character.

Glamorous – which is written and directed by Jordon Nardino of Desperate Housewives – will make history when it airs as the first US television show with a non-binary lead character, according to Digital Spy.

The show will follow a non-binary character who lands an internship at a cosmetics company whose products they have criticised on YouTube.

I’ve got goosebumps.

Only…what does it mean? Not woman, not man, neither, non-binary, I know – but what does that mean? Not many people are fully “binary” in the sense of “conforming to the stereotypes that match their sex” – and what other sense can it have? It doesn’t mean intersex, so what can it mean other than not conforming to gender roles in every particular? Well big honkin’ deal; who does conform to gender roles in every particular? It’s just a new and more boring way to be self-obsessed, and we don’t need any of those.

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