Mister Coffee has another whine

Mister Coffee, again, defending the honor of billionaires.

It’s interesting that he thinks “the spirit of the country” has something to do with being nice (grateful? subservient? flattering?) to rich people. It’s interesting that he apparently doesn’t give the tiniest of shits about the millions of people in the country who struggle to keep from going under, and dragging their children with them. He doesn’t seem to be even aware that “the spirit of the country” seems all too comfortable with letting people go under because they get sick, because they lose a job, because they work two jobs and still can’t make rent, because they tried to acquire some higher education and got overwhelmed by debt, because they got injured on the jobs and then got addicted to opioids, because their job disappeared when the company moved to Mexico or outsourced the work to China. Our biggest problems here have nothing to do with how much we bow and scrape to rich people, and Mister Coffee’s egotistical concern with such a thing is fucking contemptible.

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