It’s going very well

More on Trump’s “the Jews are disloyal” move:

Jon Cooper:

Trump’s accusation of “great disloyalty” by American Jews is the most anti-Semitic thing he’s ever said. He needs to apologize immediately to the more than 6 million members of the Jewish-American community—approximately 75% of whom voted Democrat in 2016.

Trump has never apologized for anything, so that won’t happen.

Julia Ioffe:

So 80% of American Jews are disloyal? Sounds to me like the old anti-Semitic trope questioning the loyalty of Jews.

First thing I thought too. It goes with the old “cosmopolitan” nudge nudge.

Amy Siskind:

Says the PoS who held a campaign rally hours after the deadliest shooting of American Jews in US history.

Senator Jacky Rosen [Nevada]:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: questioning the loyalty of American Jews is anti-Semitic. This is unacceptable, and it’s something we must call out and confront head on.

Adam Serwer:

Is calling the 8 out of 10 of American Jews who voted Democratic in 2018 “disloyal” anti-Semitic or nah?


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