It’s her right to express herself

People say (and apparently think) the most ridiculous things about “rights.”

Case in point:

There’s no such thing as a “right” to express oneself by carrying banners or wearing T shirts that say “KILL THE ___”.

There may be a legal right in some jurisdictions to do that, but it’s thin ice. But more to the point, legal rights aren’t the only kind, and it’s pretty clear the tweeter was talking about the broader kind of right, the moral right – and the tweeter is full of shit. No there isn’t a moral right to advocate murder. Advocating murder isn’t a form of self-expression, it’s a call for murder.

Isn’t it interesting that preceding struggles of the oppressed haven’t generally called for murder? The Civil Rights movement was divided on the issue of non-violence, but the factions opposed to absolute and total non-violence weren’t advocating murder, they were advocating self-defense. I think there was some “Kill the Bosses” rhetoric in some labor struggles in the IWW days, but I can’t swear to it. It’s not normal, it’s not “self expression,” it’s not a “right,” and it’s not ok.

Also I wonder why she uses “her” in reference to the wearer of the shirt. Because of the hair? But plenty of men have hair that long. The sun glasses? Unclear. The face? I can’t tell, myself. Oh maybe it’s the T shirt. I’m used to T shirts that are just T shirts, generic, either sex can wear them. I don’t wear the Special for Laydeez Only ones with low necks and shorter, tilted sleeves, so I forget that they’re a thing.

At any rate – nah. A “social justice” movement that advocates for killing feminist women has nothing to do with social justice.

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