List of symptoms

A slide from a talk at a recent European Professional Association for Transgender Health conference in Rome:


Notice anything?

It’s…everything. It’s a long list of feelings and behaviors that most people experience or perform at least occasionally (diagnosed conditions apart). Feeling lonely, feeling guilty, feeling of not fitting in – all could be gender dysphoria! Or, could be normal ups and downs of life. It’s like saying having two feet could be a sign of gender dysphoria.

This is not about helping people who feel acute discomfort with their gender or their sex, it’s about recruiting more people into a Movement. It’s about promoting and encouraging and bigging up a fashion. It’s a branch of advertising – got bad breath? Try our new Breffoclean. Got bad moods? Try our new GenderDysphoriaParty.

Note in particular the last item. Gender dysphoria may present as feelings of uncertainty/decreased gender dysphoria. Decreased gender dysphoria.

Whatever; get in there with the hormones, the sooner the better.

H/t Lady Mondegreen

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