Masks and all

The Star Vancouver reported that protesters showed up outside Meghan Murphy’s talk on Saturday despite the last minute announcement of the location.

Some protesters carried signs proclaiming that “Trans rights are human rights” and “Trans women are women.”

The event was originally scheduled to take place at Simon Fraser University, but was moved after the senior director of campus security said there was a high safety concern.

The talk included Meghan Murphy, a freelance writer who opposes trans rights, saying they threaten the rights of cisgender women.

Oh but that’s wrong – she doesn’t “oppose trans rights” – not the ones that comport with everyone else’s rights. She opposes special, new, invented “rights” like the “right” to be affirmed and validated and hugged and squeezed as whatever gender one “identities as.” She doesn’t oppose the human rights of trans people, but “trans rights” that cancel the human rights of other people.

Here they are, the darlings:

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The pink sign on the right says “your identity is valid EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT ENTIRELY SURE WHAT IT IS”

Define “valid”…

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