Milkshakes and demonitization

Meanwhile Carl Benjamin is on the outs with YouTube.

YouTube has demonetised Carl Benjamin’s Sargon of Akkad video channel after the political commentator turned UKIP candidate made comments about raping a woman MP.

Earlier this week, West Midlands police announced an investigation into Benjamin’s remarks made in a YouTube video about Labour MP Jess Phillips, where the UKIP European election candidate questioned whether he’d rape her before concluding “nobody’s got that much beer”.

I was just objecting to Twitter’s permanent banning of a woman who told a boy he is not a lesbian. Should I also, to be consistent, object to YouTube’s demonitization (you should forgive the word) of Carl Benjamin’s YouTube?

There are two (or more) ways of looking at it. One is that no one should mess with anyone’s access to media outlets ever for any reason. Another is that no one should mess with anyone’s access to media outlets ever for stupid footling childish reasons. My way of looking at it is, clearly, the second. I don’t think Twitter should kick back and look dreamily at the sky while men use its outlet to hurl shit at women in their thousands and tens of thousands, and I also don’t think Twitter should banish a woman for telling a boy he’s not a lesbian. I realize it’s a terribly subtle and nuanced view, but there it is.

When contacted for comment on Friday, Benjamin sent BuzzFeed News an unrelated political statement about knife crime. Several of his online followers have been tweeting a statement claiming to be from Benjamin.

“YouTube let us know today that they have demonetised my YouTube channel, which as you know is my primary source of income, and how I support my family and team,” the statement reads.

It’s very profitable, talking trash about women on YouTube.

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