Necessary and appropriate

In Japan high heels are mandatory for women.

Japan’s health and labour minister has defended workplaces that require women to wear high heels to work, arguing it is “necessary and appropriate” after a petition was filed against the practice.

Necessary and appropriate for what, exactly? Knowing who is which sex without having to raise one’s gaze from the floor?

The remark came when Takumi Nemoto was asked to comment on a petition by a group of women who want the government to ban workplaces from requiring female jobseekers and employees to wear high heels.

“It is socially accepted as something that falls within the realm of being occupationally necessary and appropriate,” Nemoto told a legislative committee on Wednesday.

Easy for him to say.

Campaigners say wearing high heels in Japan is near-obligatory when job hunting or working in many Japanese companies.

Some campaigners describe high heels as akin to modern-day foot-binding…

Which they are. They’re a mild form of it, but they do bind and deform the feet, and they also inhibit women’s ability to move. The streets around the World Trade Center were littered with the damn things after the towers collapsed.

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