Oh well if they’re uncomfortable

The damn fools at the major US tv networks have agreed to air Trump’s stupid EMERGENCY DANGER DANGER LOOK OUT speech.

Mr. Trump’s request that the major networks broadcast his speech live set off a day of tense deliberations at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. By Monday evening, they had all agreed to broadcast the president’s address live at 9 p.m. Eastern. Cable news channels, including CNN and Fox News, will also carry the speech.

Some journalists worry that handing Mr. Trump a chunk of network prime time could allow the president to assert falsehoods to tens of millions of viewers. But several network producers said privately on Monday that they were uncomfortable turning down the president amid a national event affecting millions like the government shutdown. Declining Mr. Trump’s request could also open the networks to accusations of partisan bias.

Oh fuck off. Trump is a dangerous authoritarian maniac, so the fact that network producers are “uncomfortable” telling him no is hopelessly beside the point.

Ted Koppel, the veteran ABC anchor, said in an interview that given that Mr. Trump had not previously requested time for an Oval Office speech, the networks ought to give him “the benefit of the doubt.”

“When the president of the United States asks for airtime, you’ve got to do it,” Mr. Koppel said. “If what he has to say is clearly just in his self-interest and does not address the greater national interest, then the next time the White House comes around, I might not be inclined to offer it.”

 Christ he sounds like fucking Chamberlain. “Mr Hitler gave me his word, all he wants is the Sudetenland, he will never ask for another thing if we just give him that.”

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