The Seattle Public Library is (of course) being flooded with how dare yous.

One source of the very high volume of response is on reddit:

The Seattle Public Library is hosting a TERF event on February 1st. If you have time, please call and leave a complaint, (206) 386-4636

What group is this? r/MtF. Not an umbrella group for trans people but a group specifically for men who identify as women. Is it possible that the thinking of some or many or even all the members is tinged or saturated with gut-level hatred of women? I’d say it is possible, yes.

That’s two months worth of time to organize a protest, choosing Seattle for this was pretty dumb on their part because they’re in a LGBT mecca. I don’t live in seattle but I know a lot of ya’ll do, I encourage you to get together and show SPL you wont have your tax dollars being spent supporting the people trying to eradicate many of said tax payers.

Be mindful though there will be alt righters there trying to stir shit, like the flies on turds they are.

Mm, yes, that’s definitely the goal, to “eradicate” a bunch of people. I love the “trying to stir shit” remark immediately after accusing feminist women of wanting to eradicate people.

Sent several emails and will be making a call on Monday morning, they’ve already been getting contacted by a lot of people over this, so we should keep it up and we should hopefully be able to get them to cancel it. If not I think there should be some sort of protest, like they did at the Toronto public library. If they have the right to be violently transphobic in public, than we have the right to loudly protest against it.

“Violently.” Yes, women standing up and talking=”violence.”

If the event continues, we should protest the hell out of it… these are the Westboro Baptist’s of Feminism and must be stopped!!!

Yes, we definitely consider ourselves aligned with Westboro Baptist. Also Savonarola, Torquemada, and Vlad the Impaler.

And most recent comment:

Just put a sealed box with bomb written on it in the middle of the event and it Will be canceled

But we’re the violent ones.

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