Further illustration (not that any is needed) of how completely he doesn’t get it. He’s all at sea. He has no idea what he’s supposed to be doing or how he’s supposed to be behaving. He might as well have been kidnapped and taken to Mongolia.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

It’s not a high school test. It’s not a bathing suit competition, it’s not a piano recital, it’s not gymnastics. It’s not about how “nice” he was or whether he stumbled over his words or not. None of what he says is relevant, it’s just wild off-topic babbling.

(Note, also, how artlessly he confides that Lindsey Graham was surprised he was “nice” on the call. Graham knows he’s not “nice” and doesn’t generally sound “nice” to people who aren’t Donald Trump. Note how artlessly he confides that most people don’t know how nice he is – very true, pretty much no one knows that, because it ain’t true.

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