Trump appeared baffled

Trump gave a deranged press conference just now.

Trump is recounting the meetings he has had this week as part of his UN visit and touting his administration’s foreign-policy achievements.

According to a PBS NewsHour reporter, the press conference could go on for a while.

Trump is reiterating his claim that he did not pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden“No push, no pressure, no nothing,” Trump said.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy made the same claim earlier today during his meeting with Trump in New York.

But the White House memo on Trump’s call with Zelenskiy showed that the president asked for “a favor” from Ukraine after the country’s leader mentioned military aid. Trump went on to suggest that Ukraine investigate Biden.

Trump appeared baffled that Democrats felt the White House memo on his phone call with the Ukrainian president had substantiated their announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry.

“Impeachment for that?” Trump asked.

Well…this is the trouble with being so lazy. He never bothered to learn anything about the presidency, or the US government more broadly, or the political history of the country, or the Constitution, or the basic norms that are supposed to govern how presidents behave in office. It’s always difficult to take in how absolute his emptiness is, but just tell yourself it’s the emptiest emptiness ever and maybe that will help. He has no idea, so naturally he has no idea that he can’t tell other heads of state to do harm to people he wants out of his way. He thinks he can do that, he thinks it’s just part of Winning the Contest; he thinks he can do whatever he likes, like a king in a fairy tale. To us it’s grotesque that he doesn’t understand that he can’t do that; to him it’s just Wednesday.

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