They’d be getting the electric chair right now

Trump is going farther out on that limb.

“Joe Biden and his son are corrupt,” Trump said, referring to unfounded claims that Biden’s son was involved in a corruption scheme in Ukraine.

Trump then claimed — with no proof — that, “If a Republican ever did what Joe Biden did, if a Republican ever said what Joe Biden said, they’d be getting the electric chair right now.”

Hmmyes, as a Republican did in that…um…er…

The President also denied claims he put pressure on the Ukrainian leader by threatening to withhold US aid, saying, “I did not make a statement that ‘you have to do this or I’m not going to give you aid.’ I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that.”

He would do that. He would do that. Of course he would do that. He would do anything. He would do anything that popped into his head and gave him a thrill. It’s part of his incredible stupidity that he thinks we’ll believe him when he says things like that.

“There was no pressure put on them whatsoever. I put no pressure on them whatsoever. I could have. I think it probably, possibly would have been OK if I did,” he said.

He thinks a lot of things are ok if he does them, but he’s wrong, and he’s stupid to think he can just consult his own hunches to know whether they’re ok or not. He’s never done any homework for this job, and he has no prior experience that would be relevant, and he just carries on doing whatever he feels like anyway.

But all the same I would like to know why Hunter Biden remained on the board of a Ukrainian gas company while his father was vice-president.

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