Can barely hear for the banging on the windows

There’s a Woman’s Place UK meeting happening in Brighton right now. It’s being loudly and threateningly disrupted. There are police present but they’re not stopping the disruption.


Thank you to all the people and speakers for persevering tonight in the face of a noisy, threatening protest. The police are here but seem incapable – unwilling? – to stop protestors banging on windows. Democracy for some it seems. The law is an ass @BrightonPolice #WPUKlab19

An attendee:

Unbelievable mob outside the @Womans_Place_UK meeting in Brighton tonight, banging and pounding the windows, the din inside is deafening. Coming in we ran the gauntlet of hostile aggression, this is hate-filled public disorder and the police are not stopping it. #WPUKLab19

Another attendee:

#WPUKLAB19 ran the gauntlet of a very threatening group of people objecting to a group of women and men calling by me and others scum – for wanting safe space for women and to discuss gender and sex issues. Free speech threatened!


Attending an all women (feminist) meeting @AWomansPlaceUK and run the gauntlet of a disgusting protest outside. Can barely hear for the banging on the windows. Absolute fuckwits. So women can’t gather to discuss women and girls issues without being threatened now? #WPUKLab19

The police are doing nothing:

Women trying to attend @Womans_Place_UK meeting this evening are being met with intimidation – and @sussex_police not intervening.
Women have the right to meet without the fear of violence or intimidation. #womensrightsarehumanrights #freedomofassembly #freedomofassociation

Police reply:

We are present and ensuring that those wishing to attend are not obstructed.


You are not stopping the protestors intimidating our audience. You are not stopping them banging violently on the windows of the room we are in. The venue may wonder why you are allowing them to do this to their building. #WPUKLab19

New boss just like the old boss: women must not be allowed to gather or organize or speak.

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