Punks in the rose garden

The Guardian too noticed the herky-jerky quality of Trump’s address to the social media edgelords yesterday:

In an hour-long rambling speech Trump ping-ponged through a series of lies and bizarre rants about social media companies’ “disgraceful” and “terrible bias”, made outlandish false claims about the census, Democrats’ positions on the border wall, Antifa, Chinese tariffs, the Golan Heights, the authenticity of his hair and other reliable Trump standards.

Ping-ponged is a good word for it. We need another good word for the way he doesn’t just bounce from one subject to another but interrupts his own sentences to do so. It’s deeply weird, and probably diagnostic. He’s so distractable he’s distracted from his own blather.

Also of note: there was a near brawl in the rose garden.

Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser to the president with white nationalist sympathies, got into a shouting match with the Playboy reporter Brian Karem. After exchanging words, Gorka stormed over to Karem as if a fight was about to break out. “You’re not a journalist, you’re a punk!” he shouted. The Secret Service intervened.

Very dignified, much classy.


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