Random guy offers foreign policy advice

The Guardian reports:

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer who has become a key figure in the impeachment inquiry, is now proposing a joint US-Ukrainian probe to investigate potential corruption by officials from both countries.

He says that as if we were eagerly awaiting his thoughts on how to bring the US and Ukraine together, when in fact he’s almost the very last person we want to hear from on that subject (unless it’s under oath in a courtroom). Rudy Giuliani isn’t the boss of how Ukraine and the US get along. He’s Trump’s personal lawyer, not the Secretary of State.

The Guardian continues:

The tweet, which is unlikely to generate any legitimate interest, comes the same week that Giuliani traveled to Europe to meet with former Ukrainian officials who helped spread baseless corruption allegations against Joe Biden.

“Unlikely to generate any legitimate interest” – that’s cold. I like it.

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