Respect my privacy while I shred it

The ruling that lifted the publication ban in the Yaniv hearing is available for our reading pleasure. It presents the reasons for lifting the ban.

In the Original Decision, I reviewed Ms. Yaniv’s privacy interests and found that they  were complex. I identified factors weighing both for and against a publication ban. Ultimately, I decided to err on the side of protecting Ms. Yaniv’s privacy because, once that is lost, it could  not be regained. The primary factor which tipped the balance in favour of this outcome was Ms.  Yaniv’s assertion that she faced threats and harassment which would escalate if she was  exposed as the complainant in these proceedings: para. 48. I expressly found, however, that if  new facts came to light which affected my balancing, I may lift the order.

Mr. Cameron has presented new facts which, in my view, change the balancing of
interests in this case such that a publication ban is no longer warranted. In particular, I have
learned that Ms. Yaniv is using her own Twitter account to tweet about these complaints and
other very similar circumstances.

Boom tish. Not very bright, is he. “No publication allowed! For my safety! But I get to publish!”

By her own admission, a number of Ms. Yaniv’s tweets within the last month are about
her waxing complaints. While she says that her mother wrote some of them, I do not find that
changes the analysis. The tweets were issued from her Twitter account, using her full and real
name, next to a picture of her. It is fair to attribute them to her, for the purpose of assessing
the extent to which she has any interest in maintaining privacy over these complaints.

The extent to which he has any interest in maintaining privacy, actually. I know the Tribunal Member (Devyn Cousineau) isn’t going to call Yaniv he, but it’s worth reminding ourselves, because every time we say “she” we make Yaniv seem more vulnerable than he in fact is. Yaniv is not vulnerable the way women are, and he is hell-bent on making other women vulnerable to him. He is a bad bad dude.

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