Rich and poor alike are forbidden to loiter in the parks

Dave Ricks alerted me to this item in the CHE:

Two years ago, Harvard’s fraternities, sororities, and “final clubs,” which are not officially affiliated with the institution, faced an order from the university’s president: Go coed, or your members will lose the ability to hold campus-leadership positions and to be endorsed for outside scholarships. On Monday, Greek life struck back. A group of fraternities, sororities, and three students filed lawsuits against Harvard’s leaders, in both state and federal court, for allegedly discriminating against the organizations with the new policy.

It’s like single-sex schools and universities – I think they’re bad for male people and useful for female people. For similar reasons, all-white organizations are not the same kind of thing as all-black organizations. Underlings need to organize more than overlings do.

The policy was announced in 2016 by Drew Gilpin Faust, Harvard’s president at the time, after a university task force on sexual-assault prevention found that “final clubs” fostered “a strong sense of sexual entitlement.”  But the new policy that followed applied as well to the Greek organizations, barring their members from leadership positions and endorsements for such scholarships as the Rhodes and the Fulbright.

Some members of all-female final clubs and sororities protested the new policy, arguing that women needed a single-gender safe space. Critics also questioned why women’s groups had to follow the same rules as men’s groups, which the task force’s report found to be more often a source of trouble.

Sometimes the “one rule for everyone” approach doesn’t work all that well.

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